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Businesses and individuals sometimes find themselves in court.  When this happens, it is important to attain counsel that will protect your interests.  Our firm is experienced in litigating commercial matters, and we are ready to represent you.  We realize that litigation is expensive and minimize the time you spend in litigation to give you an optimal result at an affordable price.

We have experience in commercial and civil litigation.  Whether you are dealing with a breach of contract, tortious interference with a contract, or an anticipated breach, we are with you every step of the way.  Not all civil litigations end in trial, and we are aware of the costs incurred by taking a case to a jury.  Depending on your circumstances and the costs to your business, we will develop an optimal litigation strategy that will maximize your rate of return, whether it results in a settlement or a judgment.

Whether you just received a subpoena on your doorstep or you want the justice which you deserve, Adams, Burton & Moawad, P.C. has the skills and expertise to help you through the process of dispute resolution, and if need be, litigation. At Adams, Burton & Moawad, P.C., our attorneys utilize their years of experience and finely tuned skills to give your case the type of attention that you would expect from someone on your team. We will be with you every step of the way.

Dispute resolution starts from the first moment that a disagreement begins. From the first conversation between you and the other party, the attorneys of ABM Law Firm will be with you and give you the confidence to know that you will get the outcome that you deserve.

Adams, Burton & Moawad, P.C. caters to your needs no matter where you are in the process of litigation. We will be with you during your initial negotiations and plea-bargaining. Our attorneys will guide you through the processes of mediation. If necessary, we will help you to present your case before a judge. Throughout all of this, if justice still is not served, we will be right there alongside you throughout the appeals process.

Having your case heard in court may be difficult and complicated, but you don’t have to feel unprepared or alone. The attorneys of ABM Law Firm are there to successfully navigate the waters of any legal process that comes your way.