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We provide immigration services to both companies and individuals.  Many businesses have special labor needs, and we have the experience needed to help companies navigate labor certification and PERM requirements, obtain H-1B visas, process immigrant investor petitions, and help individuals to receive any relevant immigration benefits.



  • A. Labor Certification, PERM, and Employment Visas

The United States allocates a certain number of visas every year for immigrants to become permanent residents through their employment.  We assist both individuals and businesses through each stage of the application process which has its own set of challenges. We help you avoid potential dangers while making sure you meet your company’s unique employment needs.  Whether you are seeking a petition for a person of extraordinary ability, a multinational executive, a person holding an advanced degree, or a skilled worker, we help you process your application from start to finish.

  • B. EB-5 Immigrant Investors

Investors who seek to make a substantial investment in a commercial enterprise which will create jobs for U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents may be eligible for permanent residence in the United States.  Your investment may be in your own enterprise, through a designated regional center, a struggling business, or in an area with significantly high unemployment.  We will assist such investors, and companies courting them, to secure a successful petition for permanent residence in the United States.

  • C. Temporary Employment Visas

We will determine and process the most appropriate visa type for individuals intending to reside temporarily in the United States for employment or business reasons.  This includes professionals, executives and foreign managers, intracompany transfers, company employees coming to the United States for meetings, conferences, negotiations, or seminars, and trainees and students.

  • D. Immigration Services for Individuals and Families

We also provide immigration services to individuals and families.  If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who seeks to bring a family member to the United States, we can help.  We have experience in family based petitions, deferred action, removal proceedings, and assisting those seeking asylum.

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