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Entertainment Law

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Entertainment Law

Our firm is dedicated to representing both individual artists and entertainment companies.  We provide a wide range of services for established and emerging entities.  By assisting creative companies and individuals to develop business models and draft agreements, and by providing experienced consultation, we help our clients reach their full potential.  We have represented companies and artists both domestically and internationally, and take pride in delivering the unique legal services creative industries require.

  • A. Concert and Touring Agreements

We have prepared agreements between artists and agents with a variety of venues throughout the United States and internationally.  These contracts often cover tort liability, merchandising agreements, and labor law.  We have experience preparing both single concert agreements and long-term tour contracts for artists from a variety of genres.

  • B. Engagement Agreements

Artists, agents, and production companies seek our counsel for the preparation of engagement agreements to showcase artistic talent.  We seamlessly bring together the different components of these agreements for our clients, whether they involve negotiating monetary compensation or the licensing and assignment of intellectual property rights.

  • C. Sponsorship and Promotion

Advertising and sponsorship are critical components to any live performance.  We help you to not only secure sponsors and advertisers, but also to negotiate and draft these agreements.

  • D. Publishing and Licensing

The long-term success of any entertainer depends on how they leverage their intellectual property in the future.  We are well-versed in arranging publishing terms and licensing agreements, so whether you are an agent, production company, or artist, you will benefit from our experience.

  • E. Traditional Copyright

The United States provides a certain degree of protection for traditional cultural expressions which can have a tremendous impact on the economic leveraging power of their cultures of origin.  The sale of traditional artwork, music, and literature can provide a stream of revenue for indigenous groups throughout the world.  Whether or not your traditional cultural expression is entitled to protection depends on a variety of factors. We help you to determine if you fit the criteria and  assist you in protecting that expression.

  • F. Immigration

Whether you are a foreign performer, recording artist, or an actor coming to the United States for a short stay or a long-term project, we ensure that you are in complete compliance with U.S. immigration law to make your travel and period of stay as smooth as possible.